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I claim Daniel Aerov/Sergio Balleseros from Helix!
I'd like to claim Dale Cooper/Annie Blackburn from Twin Peaks please and thank you!


I claim Katniss/Peeta from The Hunger Games \o/
I would like to claim Kenpachi/Jushiro from Bleach and Genma/Raidou from Naruto, thanks! <3
I would like to claim Claire/Sawyer from Lost and Jeff/Annie from Community.
 I would like to claim Uzumaki Naruto/Sabaku no Gaara from anime Naruto as my OTP, please :D
I would like to claim;;

Sharpay Evans & Ryan Evans of High School Musical -and- Alphonse Elric and Winry Rockbell of Full Metal Alchemist

please~ and thank you. <3
I would like to claim Freddie and Effy from tv show Skins. Thanks :D
I would like to claim Dean Winchester/Castiel from Supernatural.
And Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon from The Mentalist.